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Plan Your Activity - Inland

If you plan to go out on the water, always remember to:

  • "Keep in touch"
  • Plan your trip carefully and never go out alone
  • Let someone ashore know where you are going and when you will be back (consider using the SafeTrx App)
  • Carry a means of communication for raising the alarm should you get in difficulty

Before leaving shore, you should:

  • Check the Weather Forecast - Met Eireann Marine WeatherInland Lakes Forecast
  • Check times of Sunrise/Sunset -
  • Check the boat and equipment
  • Check you have enough fuel for your trip
  • Check lifejackets before use (and wear them on board)
  • Inform shore contact of your intentions
  • Identify any landmarks or navigational aids that you can use
  • Confirm that you have means for calling for help
  • Confirm that the trip is within the capability of the boat and crew


Download our full checklist in PDF format below.

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